Why Businesses Are Going Solar

solar commercial

There are news articles making their rounds about the escape route that many large businesses, including Shoprite Holdings and SA Breweries are taking to get ‘off the grid’ amid ongoing issues at Eskom, not to mention the many small businesses making the same decisions. With promises of continued loadshedding and rumours of prolonged periods of […]

How much can you really save with solar?

When home or business owners are looking for solar, one of the thoughts that often goes through their minds is, “Why is electricity so expensive and what can I do to reduce my bills?”. This question leads many to investigate alternative power sources, and more specifically, solar power. There are many reasons why electricity bills […]

Little Known Facts About Why Solar Is The Future Of Energy In The World

solar power plant

Solar panel installations have been booming over recent years with the World Economic Forum estimating that almost 100,000 solar panels are installed worldwide every hour, which equals to 1000 football fields worth of solar panels every day. It can be agreed that solar is an affordable, reliable, sustainable and renewable source of energy for homes […]