The stunning All-In-One storage system from Fox is an advanced battery storage system available in AC-Coupled and Hybrid variants.  It is contained in one compact and stylish floor-mounted unit.

FoxESS AIO Electricity Saving Feedback
FoxESS AIO Electricity Saving Feedback

FoxESS customer feedback of the Fox AIO - 6kW All in One Hybrid Inverter electricity savings The Fox ESS AIO Hybrid inverter is an all-in-one solar and storage solution that integrates a 6kW inverter, 10.4kWh high voltage Li-ion storage, solar charge controllers, battery charger, UPS, LAN Port, and Solar DB Board into a pre-wired complete system for easier and faster installation that requires less space. The system is a compact all-aluminum system that is IP67 rated so it can be installed inside or outside. Just add solar panels.