• Ensure Safety
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase longevity

1. Micro Maintenance

Price from R 799.00 ex Vat (once off) / Two year contract then you only pay for 7 inspections (inspection are done quarterly) R5593.00

The above is for free (1st time only) on existing clients:

  • Clean Panels
  • Check MC4 connectors
  • Check brackets
  • Check ingress of dust, moist (SUB DBs)
  • Check connections in Sub DB’s
  • Test Fuses, Isolators and Breakers
  • Check battery fuses 
  • Tighten Battery cables
  • Check all connections inside inverter
  • Check Ingress of moist or dust inside inverter
  • Check Inverter settings
  • Clean Channeling, Inverter and batteries
  • Infrared imaging

Non clients Compliance check – Price From R 2 950.00 ext vat – once off

Subject to change after inspection completed.

Call out fee on the following:

  • Check legality of system Electrical
  • Check legality of system according to local by laws
  • Warranties
  • New COC
  • Takeover of online monitoring – optional

2. Macro Maintenance

Price from R 2250.00 ex Vat (once off) / Two-year contract pay for three only R 6750.00 (Twice per year)

  • All Above
  • Replace fuses on solar and battery
  • Check Main DB connections
  • Clean Main DB connections
  • Replace Surge protection devices

Package deal (includes micro maintenance contract deal & Macro maintenance contract deal)

6 Inspections over two years

From R 9 999.00 ex vat – two year contract only.

From 14 999.00 ex vat – Commercial properties

Terms and Conditions specific to Maintenance Plans

A Maintenance Agreement will be signed between Green Light City RF Pty Ltd and the client. Green Light City (RF) Pty Ltd will not be liable for the system warranties not installed by us.

We would advise the client to ensure that all warranties are up to date and received before signing the maintenance plan agreement. We also advise the client to ensure that a valid COC is also in place before signing the maintenance agreement.

This plan does not cover any off site monitoring that might be requested.

This plan is for the maintenance of existing solar systems, storage units and inverters.

This plan does not cover the following:

  • Installation of new cables
  • Replacing of faulty equipment
  • Replacing or adding onto existing systems
  • Any COCs that has been issued by a responsible person outside of the company
  • Any legal actions taken by the client to the previous installer.
  • Any reports requested.


Should the client not be able to provide the system warranties and COC for installation, Green Light City Pty Ltd RF will not enter into a maintenance agreement with the prospective client and will not be responsible for any damages to the system.

The plan covers the following:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of solar panels with the correct formulas to not damage or void the product warranties.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the Inverter system by a qualified technician that has had training to do such work.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of storage units by a qualified technician that has had training to do such work.
  • Maintenance on the wiring to and from the DB (SUB DB) by a qualified technician to carry out such work.
  • Testing of PV strings in accordance with legislation.
  • Testing of fuses, Circuit breakers and isolators bound to the system.
  • Testing of the earth system as per SANS 10142/2, electrical law.
  • Testing of efficiency of the solar panels
  • Reporting on the findings of above mentioned testing, inspections and verification.
  • Maintenance chart to be compiled for insurance purposes.

Installations that have not been installed by Green Light City can add the following benefit to the maintenance plan from 699.00 / month

Off Site Monitoring and Technical support.

  • Daily monitoring of the system.
  • Feed back to the client weekly
  • Monthly report on statistics of the system.
  • 24/7 Technical support