For instance the requirements of a customer who is home all day, runs heat pumps, computers and a spa pool are totally different from a customer who works all day and only has a fairly low daytime power use.



Your home & business power requirements are unique

Because we understand the unique nature of power for home and business users, our solar and power backup solutions are tailor-made to our customer’s specific needs, aimed at maximising returns by enabling savings on electrical bills. 

Real estate agency polls have shown that 54% of people in South Africa would rather buy a newly renovated house that also had solar power installed or at least backup power. Load Shedding is a heartbreaking reality, but as home and business owners, the decision needs to be made to rise above the electrical shortage situation and at the same time make a positive impact through renewable energy sources, such as solar energy,  to our beautiful planet. By taking these steps to a more sustainable power solution, you ensure you’re protected from electrical shortages and you’re adding value to your property to maximise your sales price when the time comes to sell.

The sun is our largest and most abundant source of free energy.

We can design a system to suit your specific needs after consultation and gaining an understanding of your particular power requirements, which differs from property to property.

Our approach & design philosophy

We know going solar can be complex, but our solar experts can guide you every step of the way. With your help, we are creating cities that are powered by green renewable energy!

The successful integration of a Green Light City solar system requires careful design to ensure compatibility and that the system meets your current consumption needs and allows for expansion in the future. At Green Light City, our design engineers not only have extensive expertise across the solar energy field but also understand how to make these systems work for you.

This ensures that you have the peace of mind you deserve during rising electricity costs and loadshedding while reducing your carbon footprint.


    The focus of the Solar System design process is to give you value for money – whether your budget is big or small. 
    Our goal is to design a complete system that integrates harmoniously within your home so that you enjoy the full benefits of solar energy.
    Green Light City has the design and engineering expertise to make that happen for you. That’s how we deliver real value for our clients.



      An expert Green Light City solar technician will visit your site to inspect your distribution board, review your existing electrical layout, carry out electrical measurements and test, measure your roof and angles for solar panels and finalize the plans that were discussed over a free consultation call.


        We follow up the site inspection and consultation with electrical software designs where final changes are made to initial plans to ensure that you’re happy with our final proposal.

          3. DESIGN PACKAGE

          The Green Light City design package will include electrical drawings, panel angles & placement, full solar system specifications and equipment details, solar & electrical equipment costings including installation fees, projected system performance details, return of investment calculations and cash payback-period analysis.

            4. INSTALLATION

            You become energy independent and start saving on electrical bills from day one! We arrange a date with you to start with the installation and you just need to let us in.


              Here is an additional option for you should you decide that you do not want us to do your installation and if you prefer to buy the solar products directly from someone else.

                The DESIGN PACKAGE (Step 3 above) can then be utilised as part of solar tendering process.

                The detail and accuracy of the solar design will eliminate interpretation from various solar installers resulting in quotes that can be accurately compared against each other and an installation that will proceed with a minimum of variations.

                Let’s go solar with a free consultation call – simply fill in the below form and we will call you!

                This consultation will provide you with current information about the technologies, equipment and systems available so informed choices can be made.

                  Our services include:
                  • New solar installations and fixing of older solar installations or faulty installations
                  • Sourcing and replacement of batteries, inverters and solar panels that meet your requirements
                  • Installation of panels, inverters and batteries
                  • Monitoring of electrical usage and PV systems with Bluetooth technology
                  • Registration of solar installations with the City of Cape Town
                  • Electrical certificates of compliance for solar installations