Application of Small Scale Embedded Generations at Municipalities and Eskom

What is SSEG: Small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) refers to power generation facilities, located at residential, commercial, or industrial sites, where electricity is generally also consumed. When electricity is provided to the consumer by the municipality, the application is then made to the relevant municipality. Each municipality’s application, requirements, bylaws, and requisite documents differ and it is […]

Nersa’s price hike for solar users is doomed from the start

11 March 2022 A new electricity pricing methodology, proposed by energy regulator Nersa last September, has led to a significant backlash from the public and various energy industry stakeholders – and for good reason. The concern stems from the fact that the proposed change in electricity tariffs could see solar power users paying up to 10 […]

Eskom tariffs to increase by 9.6% from 1 April

Eskom had asked for a 20.5% increase, including the previous allowable revenue. Nersa warned that the prices are “indicative”, as the actual price must still be finalised. The tariff goes up on 1 April for Eskom customers and 1 July for municipal customers. Municipalities will also likely add a surcharge for their customers. Eskom had […]

Solar Triumphs Are Bad News For Eskom

Eskom power station

According to a recent report, Eskom is expecting a drop in revenue due to recent changes to the amendment of section 2 of the Electricity Regulations Act published on 10 August. By opening up the door to more independent energy, the door will also be opened for investment which the department of public enterprises estimates […]