Electrical Services – Commercial & Residential

High quality electrical services require qualified, professional, customer-focused electricians.

We strive for excellence in this area, ensuring you are satisfied throughout the process. Whether you require a small electrical repair job or an entire electrical rewiring for your property renovation, excellence is guaranteed.

    Our team of electrical experts is certified by the Electrical Contractors Board and the Department of Labour. Over the years, our team has had extensive experience in working with architects and designers, in both residential and commercial sectors where their input has created opportunities for cost savings through modern technology and smarter wiring options.

    Our services include:

    • General electrical services – Residential and Commercial.
    • Fixing existing electrical installations.
    • Use leading-edge retrofitting technology to upgrade electrical systems.
    • Heat pump installations for pools and jacuzzis.
    • Air Conditioning installations or servicing.
    • Underfloor Heating.
    • Distribution board installations or repairs.
    • Solar-powered lights for outdoor areas.
    • Gate motor installations or repairs.
    • LED light installations for pools, kitchens, bathrooms, and cupboards or bars.
    • Electrical certificates of compliance (COC) for commercial or residential properties.

    Our commercial services include:

    • Proactive and reactive maintenance.
    • Issue certificates of compliance.
    • Maintenance packages and programs.
    • Power failures.
    • Project management of electrical projects.
    • Power factor correction and repairs
    • Emergency call-outs.
    • Power check analysis and recordings on power coming from Eskom.
    • Main incoming surge protection.
    • Hot water cylinder and boiler repairs.
    • Energy-saving assessments.
    • Transformers – high tension, inspection/repairs, and qualified HT switching authorized persons.
    • Installation of LED
    • Splitting of power supplies for new shops and subdivisions.