What is SSEG: Small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) refers to power generation facilities, located at residential, commercial, or industrial sites, where electricity is generally also consumed.

When electricity is provided to the consumer by the municipality, the application is then made to the relevant municipality. Each municipality’s application, requirements, bylaws, and requisite documents differ and it is important to know what these are by the consumer and the installing company. Consumers who get electricity supply directly from Eskom would have a different process to follow. There may be additional costs to the consumer depending on the requirements of the consumer.

The application, either way, is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Nonetheless, the process needs to start as soon as possible, we prefer to do this from the acceptance of the quote by our clients. We usually do the application on the behalf of our clients to make it less daunting and stress-free. If we work together with the client to complete the application form and receive all the correct documentation requested, the process runs smoothly.

It is important to understand that the application has numerous steps that need to be followed by the consumer, installer, and municipality / Eskom. With this said, the installation can go ahead and the system will be allowed to run using the battery backup ONLY. This means that the solar panels can be installed but cannot be connected until approval from the municipality / Eskom has been given.

You can either go to your municipalities website or if you are an Eskom consumer (click here).