Application of Small Scale Embedded Generations at Municipalities and Eskom

What is SSEG: Small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) refers to power generation facilities, located at residential, commercial, or industrial sites, where electricity is generally also consumed. When electricity is provided to the consumer by the municipality, the application is then made to the relevant municipality. Each municipality’s application, requirements, bylaws, and requisite documents differ and it is […]

Why Businesses Are Going Solar

solar commercial

There are news articles making their rounds about the escape route that many large businesses, including Shoprite Holdings and SA Breweries are taking to get ‘off the grid’ amid ongoing issues at Eskom, not to mention the many small businesses making the same decisions. With promises of continued loadshedding and rumours of prolonged periods of […]

Massive steps in Solar Power across South Africa

solar panels on farm

There have been great strides for the solar industry over the last few weeks with key players in the commercial industry innovating new methods of capturing solar power through floating solar panels which can be placed in damns, lakes or even the ocean, along with solar prices plummeting in the latest tenders with the lowest […]

The Best Season To Get Solar Installed

Flowers in Cape Town Spring

Thinking about getting a solar system installed in your home? There are many factors to consider but the least considered of all of them would be when the best season is to install solar which affects your return on investment. Going solar sooner rather than later is always better and the earlier you do so, […]