FoxESS AIO Hybrid Inverter

The stunning All-In-One storage system from Fox is an advanced battery storage system available in AC-Coupled and Hybrid variants.  It is contained in one compact and stylish floor-mounted unit.

Massive steps in Solar Power across South Africa

solar panels on farm

There have been great strides for the solar industry over the last few weeks with key players in the commercial industry innovating new methods of capturing solar power through floating solar panels which can be placed in damns, lakes or even the ocean, along with solar prices plummeting in the latest tenders with the lowest […]

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy Compared To Other Renewable Energy Solutions

renewable energy resources

There has been an increase in uptake of renewable energy sources for home and business use in South Africa, especially with the continuous rolling blackouts that have hindered business productivity and ultimately the economy since 2008. In 2019 alone, load shedding is estimated to have cost the South African economy between R59-billion and R118-billion, according […]

Solar Triumphs Are Bad News For Eskom

Eskom power station

According to a recent report, Eskom is expecting a drop in revenue due to recent changes to the amendment of section 2 of the Electricity Regulations Act published on 10 August. By opening up the door to more independent energy, the door will also be opened for investment which the department of public enterprises estimates […]

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

homes with solar energy

One of the biggest selling points for a home solar energy system, aside from off-the-grid power generation, electricity cost savings and environmental benefits, is the fact that it increases your home value. By just how much does investing in a solar energy system for your home increase your home value? In the past, solar panels […]

Solar Panels Are Advancing

renewable wind and solar

Solar has been around for decades and prices of generating electricity with this technology which harnesses sun-power to power homes, businesses and even parts of cities have also seen a decline, which has made it the most affordable power source in the world, as it stands.  Now the solar industry is getting an even bigger […]

Most new wind and solar projects are cheaper than coal

coal power station

A new report, “Renewable Power Generation Costs 2020”, states that 800 GW of existing coal capacity already costs more than the new PV and wind projects commissioned in 2021, in Germany and Bulgaria. The report stated that almost two-thirds of the wind and solar projects built globally last year would be able to generate electricity […]